9th International Scientific Conference

Engineering for Rural Development

27.-28.05.2010 Jelgava, LATVIA





Contents of Proceedings of 9th International Scientific Conference
May 27 – 28, 2010

ISSN 1691-5976

Guna Civcisa, Jolanta Janauska, Iveta Mezinska, Janis Mazais, Janis Mikelsons, Janis Rudnevs, Narimants Salenieks

Riga Technical University

Engineering education – new approach and new style

Arvids Vilde, Dainis Viesturs, Semjons Ivanovs, Andrievs Ilsters, Imants Ziemelis, Ruta Balode

Latvia University of Agriculture

Contribution of the research institute of agricultural machinery during 50 years of its existence

Volodimir Bulgakov1, Semjons Ivanovs2

1Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences; 2Latvia University of Agriculture, Research Institute of Agricultural Machinery

Mathematical simulation of beet vibrational extraction

Detlef Ehlert, Michael Heisig, Rolf Adamek

Leibniz-Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam-Bornim, Germay

Assessment of a laser scanner on agricultural machinery

Jiri Masek, Milan Kroulik, Frantisek Kumhala

Czech University of Life Sciences

Controlled traffic farming

Juri Olt, Ulo Traat, Arne Kuut

Estonian University of Life Sciences

Maintenance costs of intensively used self-propelled machines in agricultural companies

Miroslav Muller, Petr Valasek

Czech University of Life Sciences

Adhesive bonds degradation

Adolf Rybka, Ivo Honzik, Petr Hermanek, Bohuslav Jost, Lenka Zampachova

Czech University of Life Sciences

Application boom for chemical protection of hops grown on low trellis systems

Arvids Vilde, Dainis Lapins, Gundega Dinaburga, Adolfs Rucins, Sandris Cesnieks, Edmunds Pirs, Andris Berzins, Aigars Plume, Janis Kopmanis

Latvia University of Agriculture

Some investigations in precision agriculture

Atanas Atanasov, Plamen Kangalov, Kaloyan Stoianov, Ivailo Angelov

University of Rousse, Bulgaria

Some aspects in preparation of transport and field operations on large bulgarian farms by using gps and google earth

Aivars Aboltins, Janis Palabinskis, Guntis Ruskis

Latvia University of Agriculture

Usage of different materials in air heated solar collectors

Teodor Akinfiev, Manuel Armada

Technical University of Madrid, Spain

Wheeled robot for rural environment

Gundega Dinaburga, Dainis Lapins, Janis Kopmanis

Latvia University of Agriculture

Differences of soil agrochemical properties in connection with altitude in winter wheat

Stanislaw Winnicki1, Tomasz Kolodziejczyk1, Romana Glowicka-Woloszyn2, Andrzej Myczko1, Barbara Musielska1

1Instytut Technologiczno-Przyrodniczy w Falentach Oddzial Poznan, Poland; 2Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy w Poznaniu, Poland

Behavior of cows and its consequences related to the use of milking robots

Stanislaw Winnicki1, Romana Głowicka-Woloszyn2, Tomasz Kolodziejczyk1, Waclaw Romaniuk1, Robert Kantarowski2

1Poznan Branch of the Institute of Technology and Life Sciences in Falenty, Poland; 2Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poland

Comparison of tmr and pmr feeding systems

Juris Priekulis1, Andris Kurgs2

1Latvia University of Agriculture; 2AKP GEA Westfaliasurge Ltd.

Economically most efficient equipment in milking parlours

Eugene V. Ternov

The Republican Unitary Enterprise “Scientific and Practical Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Agriculture Mechanization”

A dairy herd dynamic model as a basic tool in simulation of dairy husbandry technological advantages

Armins Laurs, Juris Priekulis, Martins Purins

Latvia University of Agriculture

Research in time between milking interval and variability of milking frequency using milking robots

Andrievs Ilsters, Viktorija Zagorska, Zanis Jesko

Latvia University of Agriculture

Warming of piglets resting places by air heat pump in dependence on outside air temperature

Ivars Lusis, Vita Antane, Armins Laurs

Latvia University of Agriculture

Effectiveness of somatic cell count determination in the milking robots

Ansis Salins, Juris Priekulis

Latvia University of Agriculture

Working efficiency of spiral conveyor in transportation of mixed feed

Edmunds Visockis1, Rasma Deksne1, Erika Teirumnieka1, Marina Kobakhidze2

1Rezekne Higher Education Institution, Latgale Sustainable Development Research Institute, Latvia; 2Shota Rustaveli State University, Georgia

Research of rain water using possibilities

Arvids Vilde, Edmunds Pirs

Latvia University of Agriculture

Intermediate regularities on the energetical parametersof the tractor engines

Aivars Aboltins, Dainis Berjoza, Vilnis Pirs

Latvia University of Agriculture

Theoretical model of exploitation of automobiles operated with bioethanol-gasoline mixture fuels

Nikolajs Kopiks, Dainis Viesturs

Latvia University of Agriculture

Research into models of choice of tractor aggregates

Janis Laceklis-Bertmanis, Edgars Repsa, Eriks Kronbergs

Latvia University of Agriculture

Simulation of pressure oscillation in hydraulic hitch-system

Andris Linins, Dainis Berjoza

Latvia University of Agriculture

Experimental investigation in acceleration of vehicles

Gunars Bremers1, Gints Birzietis, Anita Blija1, Arnolds Skele1, Adolfs Rucins1, Aleksejs Danilevics2

1Latvia University of Agriculture; 2Latvia University

Evaluation usability of water adsorption and rectification in dehydration of bioethanol

Aivars Birkavs, Gints Birzietis, Ilmars Dukulis

Latvia University of Agriculture

Investigation of impact of biofuel blend on arctic diesel fuel properties

Vladimirs Baks, Ilmars Dukulis

Latvia University of Agriculture

The specific peculiarities of rapeseed fuel usage depending on oil chemical structure

Ruslans Smigins, Aivars Aboltins

Latvia University of Agriculture

Comparision of model calculations and experimental results of diesel engine fuelled with biodiesel

Janis Mistris, Gints Birzietis

Latvia University of Agriculture

Most widespread car fuel systems in latvia

Aleksandrs Gasparjans1, Aleksandr Terebkov1, Anastasia Zhiravetska2

1Maritime Academy of Latvia; 2Riga Tehnical University, Latvia

The application of the consumed current spectral analysis for the monitoring of bearing units of induction machines

Janis Greivulis, Janis Donins

Riga Technical University, Latvia

Pulse density modulation circuit

Nerijus Ciganas, Algirdas Raila

Lithuanian University of Agriculture

Analysis of heating value variations in stored wood

Andris Sniders

Latvia University of Agriculture

Adaptive self-tuning up model for non-stationary process simulation

Andris Upitis, Viktorija Zagorska, Miervaldis Kristapsons, Zanis Jesko

Latvia University of Agriculture

Local energy resources in the integrated system of energy production and use

Ilze Pelece, Henriks Putans, Viktorija Zagorska, Liene Kancevica, Imants Ziemelis

Latvia University of Agriculture

Peculiarities of domestic water heating by solar collectors

Ilze Pelece

Latvia University of Agriculture

Semi-spherical solar collector for water heating

Vilis Dubrovskis, Imants Plume, Vladimirs Kotelenecs, Eduards Zabarovskis

Latvia University of Agriculture

Anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge

Vilis Dubrovskis, Imants Plume, Janis Bartusevics, Vladimirs Kotelenecs

Latvia University of Agriculture

Biogas production from fresh maize biomass

Janis Fridrihsons, Ina Alsina

Latvia University of Agriculture

Spectral illumination equipment for greenhouse plants

Janis Fridrihsons, Aldis Lojans, Ainars Galins

Latvia University of Agriculture

Device of luminescent light bulbs with defected filaments

Milan Brozek, Alexandra Novakova

Czech University of Life Sciences

Briquetting of chips from nonferrous metal

Alexandra Novakova, Milan Brozek

Czech University of Life Sciences

Evaluation of helical springs

Alexandru Muntean1, Bohumil Havrland2, Victor Pobedinsky1, Tatiana Ivanova2, Grigore Marian1

1State Agrarian University of Moldova; 2University of Life Sciences Prague, Czech Republic

Features of bio-briquettes pressing with the piston briquetting press

Andrey Apalkov1, Teodor Аkinfiev1, Manuel Armada1, Igor Odintsev2

1Technical University of Madrid, Spain; 2A.A.Blagonravov Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Moscow, Russia

Automatic measurement of residual stresses in the repaired details of farming machines by the coherent optics method

Jury Kalugin, Alexander Alifanov

Baranovichi State University, Belarus

Improving energy performance of equipment for production of peeled veneer

Jaan Miljan, Mihkel Kiviste

Estonian University of Life Sciences

Influence of visual condition on residual flexural capacity of existing precast concrete panels

Petr Valasek, Miroslav Muller

Czech University of Life Sciences

Possibilities of use of mechanical surface treatment waste in form of polymeric particle composite fillers

Gunars Verdins, Daina Kanaska

Latvia University of Agriculture

Research in welded sieve qualities dependance on aspects of production technology

Mareks Smits, Andris Kronbergs, Eriks Kronbergs

Latvia University of Agriculture

Herbaceos energy crop shredding size determination

Emils Pudans, Guntars Uzklingis

Latvia University of Agriculture

Changes of rolling friction link chain step in link turning

Aivars Kakitis, Imants Nulle, Dainis Ancans

Latvia University of Agriculture

Durability of the arranged structure biomass briquettes

Olga G. Vetrova

St.Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Russia

Conferences and competencies: students conference as environment for competencies formation

Vladimir Romanenko1, Larisa Malinovska2, Galina Nikitina3

1St-Petersburg State University of Technology and Design, Russia; 2Latvia University of Agriculture; 3St-Petersburg Branch of the Academy of Information Technologies in Education, Russia

Some aspects of skills and competences in engineering education

Galina Marchenko

Horlivka State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages, Ukraine

Training teachers in ukraine

Natasa Naprstkova

Jan Evangelista Purkyne in Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic

Students connecting to production problems resolutions in cad/cam area

Kusmierczak Sylvia

J. E. Purkyne University in Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic

Creation study aids within the students works

Uladzimir Zuyeu, Vasily Kachurka

Baranovichi State University, Ukraine

Designing a theoretical model of training engineers for ecologically safe industrial activities

Anda Zeidmane, Inese Ozola

Latvia University of Agriculture

Inteligent use of energy in engineeering education

Irena Katane

Latvia University of Agriculture

Competitiveness of personality as a new concept in modern education and pedagogy science

Kaspars Vartukapteinis, Antonina Cukure, Janis Cukurs

Latvia University of Agriculture

First year student evaluation of study process at the faculty of engineering

Evgeny E. Khazanov, Victor E. Khazanov

North-West Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Electrification (SZNIIMESH) of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Procedures to choose optimal engineering solutions for dairy farms