10th International Scientific Conference

Engineering for Rural Development

26.-27.05.2011 Jelgava, LATVIA




Program Committee


Gints Birzietis, Prof., Dr.sc.ing.,Latvia University of Agriculture


  • Maris Kirsis, Prof., Dr.sc.ing.,Latvia University of Agriculture
  • Kaspars Vartukapteinis, Prof., Dr.sc.ing.,Latvia University of Agriculture
  • Milan Brozek, Prof., Dr.sc.ing.,Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
  • Andrzej Niewczas, Prof., Dr.habil.sc.ing.,Technical University of Lublin, Poland
  • Gvidonas Labeckas, Prof., Dr.sc.ing.,Lithuanian University of Agriculture
  • Jukka Ahokas, Prof., Dr.Techn.,University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Juri Olt, Prof., Dr.sc.ing.,Estonian University of Life Sciences
  • Gunars Verdins, Prof., Dr.sc.ing.,Latvia University of Agriculture
  • Stanislaw Winnicki, Prof., Dr.habil.sc.ing.,Institute of Technology and Life Sciences, Poland
  • Simon Popescu, Prof., Ph.D.,Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania
  • Waclaw Romaniuk, Prof., Dr.habil.sc.ing.,Institute for Building, Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture, Poland
  • Dainis Berjoza, Assoc. prof., Dr.sc.ing.,Latvia University of Agriculture

Organising Committee


Ruslans Smigins, Lecturer, Dr.sc.ing.


  • Daina Kanaska, Assoc. prof., Dr.sc.ing.
  • Aleksandrs Galoburda, Prof. assist., Dr sc.ing.
  • Ilmars Dukulis, Lecturer, Mg.sc.ing.
  • Vilnis Pirs, Lecturer, Mg.sc.ing.
  • Zanis Jesko, Lecturer, Mg.sc.ing.
  • Janis Laceklis-Bertmanis, Assistant, Mg.sc.ing.
  • Una Bunke, Bc.soc.

Language editor

Larisa Malinovska, Asoc. prof., Dr.paed.

Technical editor

Vitālijs Osadčuks, Lecturer, Mg.sc.ing.


K. Vartukapteinis, A. Jasinskas, G. Labeckas, A. Annuk, A. Kakitis, J. Palabinskis, J. Priekulis, G. Birzietis, D. Berjoza, R. Smigins, I. Dukulis, J. Tupins, A. Zeidmane, A. Laizans, A. Galins, V. Osadcuks, W. Romaniuk, D. Viesturs, A. Vilde, I. Nulle, R. Selegovskis, A. Kronbergs, E. Kronbergs, D. Kanaska, G. Verdins, A. Aboltins, A. Sniders, L. Peks, I. Ziemelis, Z. Jesko, J. Laceklis-Bertmanis, V. Dubrovskis, I. Plume, G. Moskvins.

The conference is organized in cooperation with:

Latvia Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences Division of Engineering